Spiritual Aromatherapy


It includes:
1. 45 minutes with me on Skype (a few questions will be asked regarding health issues and medication so we practice safe aromatherapy).
2. Your very own spiritual aromatherapy potion sent to you via post within two days of the Skype call. (The essential oils that came up in the reading may or may not be used on the potion depending on the circumstances). 
3. A four card reading with the Spirits of the Scent Oracle deck. (Detailed feedback and photo will be sent via email)
4. A distant healing sent after the session at the agreed time and date. (Detailed feedback will be sent via email).

Aromatherapy is a complementary therapy that uses essential oils to promote and maintain the well-being of the body, mind and spirit. Essential oils are extracted from parts of plants and they are very potent potions, valuable for easing and releasing emotional discomforts and energetic blockages, as well as physical ailments if used appropriately. 

Spiritual or Subtle Aromatherapy is the branch of this amazing healing art that deals with emotional and spiritual matters that have affected our subtle bodies, usually creating states of worry, fear, negativity, and loss of our authentic self identity.

In Spiritual Aromatherapy we use blends of very low dilution. Keep in mind that working with the subtle energies, needs a subtle approach. 

Safety Guidelines:

Use of essential oils for physical ailments can be very beneficial, but is important to really know what you are doing or ask the advice of a qualified aromatherapist before using them. Although they are generally safe, essential oils can present quite a few contraindications so please be careful and wise when using them. 

Do not use essential oils undiluted and never ingest them unless you are under the guidance of a qualified practitioner that is licensed to administer essential oils orally. 

If you are pregnant or suffer from conditions like asthma, epilepsy, skin conditions, or on prescribed medication, please ask your doctor and a qualified aromatherapist before using essential oils.

It is generally advised not to use essential oils on the skin during the first three months of pregnancy. 

Please consult the specific safety guidelines provided for each oil.

Do not use an essential oil if you are allergic to the plant that is sourced from. In case of skin irritation or accidental application in the eyes and other mucous membranes apply a carrier oil to the affected area to ease the irritation.