Reiki Healings

The term Reiki is coined by the Japanese monk Ushui, who created the Ushui Reiki early in the 20th centurySince then, numerus branches of Reiki have been created and there are types for every taste. I am attuned to the second level (Practitioner) of Ushui Reiki, and I am a Master Teacher in Angelic and Kundalini Reiki. All modalities connect with the Universal energy, with the difference that in Angelic Reiki the energies of my healing angels are present along with other angelic figures that want to pop in during the healing session. In Kundalini Reiki the Universal energy is connected with that of your own personal power, the Kundalini, working towards a powerful healing experience.

When I send Reiki healing I connect to all three energies and I find that the receiver will take exactly what they need in the given time. The distant healing session lasts about 30 minutes, and the only thing that is needed from you is to relax, lie down and be open to receive what is offered to you by the Universe. Have a glass of water ready to drink when you come out of the session.

I can send the healing in a Qi ball so you can open it when it is convenient for you, or we can arrange a date and time to be in sync. You will be walked through the process via email.

Any feedback I may have to give from the reiki healing will be sent via email after the end of the session.