Looking deeper into the concept of releasing blocks for abundance 2/3

with Grapefruit (Citrus x paradisi), Sweet marjoram (Origanum majorana) and Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis).

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Last week we discussed the first card of the monthly reading. Grapefruit signifies a very powerful releasing process, which is better to be done in a safe and comforting space. Here is where Sweet Marjoram comes in! Before though we get deeper into the Sweet Marjoram vibes, lets talk a little bit about the importance of processing emotional release in a safe space. 

Releasing can be a very hard process. It can manifest in physical ailments, emotional hurts, as it surfaces the fear that has been hiding for all this time along with all the emotions that stem from it like anger, jealousy and so on. This is not something that we have to go through on our own, or be embarrassed by the uncomfortable feelings that come up.

Releasing in a safe space to me means that we are going through this process with help of some kind. Have with you a friend or a member of your family to whom you can confine all the troubled thoughts that are coming up, share your experiences over a cup of tea, have a laugh if possible so you alleviate the heavy energy of such a process. However, you might be in a position you have no one to share with. Then you can turn to your guides, your angels and any divine entity you believe in and gives you comfort.

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The main point is to make sure you ask for help. Asking for help and turning to someone with more experience than us does not make you weaker. It only makes you stronger because you are being given a head start. Don’t ignore it, it is there for you to take it. 

Also, releasing in a safe space means that we have to physically be somewhere where we feel safe and comfortable. Do not start for example a releasing process during travelling, or when you are moving house. When you do decide to start this process, ask your guides and angels to secure your environment. Make it look beautiful and cosy, so it can give inspiration and love during this challenge. When you have to out and mingle with other people carry with you your kindest gentlest crystals, like a simple rose quartz. Make sure you feel good in yourself and that you are wearing your favourite most cozy outfits.

Sweet Marjoram is one of the kindest, gentlest and most comforting essential oils. Yet, it is powerful enough to contradict the powerful and most times overwhelming effects of Grapefruit, offering unconditional love and protection. It will never judge you and will comfort pains of emotional, physical and mental nature. Sweet Marjoram can soothe hardened up feelings, and free us from overthinking and the big trap of self-victimisation. Sweet Marjoram is the oil to instil that necessary safe space for the releasing process, as it helps the subtle energies flow freely and bring our hidden strengths in the surface. 

Keep an eye on this space! Next week we will look deeper into the concepts of abundance that come with Lemon Balm! 

Safety guidelines:

Sweet Marjoram is a safe oil to use. 

Note: Do not use Sweet Marjoram for prolonged time unless you are going through times of celibacy, as it suppressesthe libido

Looking deeper into releasing abundance blocks 1/3

with Grapefruit (Citrus x paradisi), Sweet marjoram (Origanum majorana) and Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) 
Do not be in a rush to get rid. Walk your path calmly with self love and patience and you will be free.

What does it really mean “releasing and let go”? What do we release and how can it affect our everyday life as well as our spiritual growth?

We talk a lot about “release and let go” in the spiritual community. We talk about releasing negative programming, bottled-up emotions like fear and anger, and other negativity from our life. This is a very good thing. This way we learn to take responsibility for the negativity we have taken on, look at it in the eyes, learn from it and move on free from its chains.

Some releasing can be very straightforward.  A few meditations, a few “cut the cords”, some affirmations and rituals are enough for the negative effect of that which was released to never appear again.  

Grapefruit with its powerful releasing properties, will easily lift the debris that has been hanging on our energetic field and our soul. It is like the dust on the window ceiling or the residue on the sink. No matter how long it has been sitting there, wipe them out once with a cloth soaked in hot water and they are gone. Or maybe twice! You get my point though I hope. These are easy to clear up. 

Understanding the process of releasing is the first step to freedom

Some other blocks are like being on a crash diet. You deprive yourself from essential nutrition that the body, mind and soul needs to function properly, starving yourself, trying to lose weight within a short time. Usually these diets succeed, until the moment we feel so deprived from food that we start eating again without any constraints, taking back all -sometimes more- the weight that we lost during the crash diet period. We don’t allow the body to self heal with these speedy “solutions”, we don’t allow the mind to understand and get used to the new way of things, and the soul is neglected feeling malnourished and confused deprived from any sense of self love…

Likewise, the need to “release and let go” may become so obsessive that we lose perspective. We can get so anxious of the need to “release and let go”, that we create more negativity that will definitely need to be released later on! We neglect to learn the lessons and the blocks keep on hanging on, stopping us from reaching our full potential.

This is where obsession with the releasing process may do more harm than good. We try too get rid of the block quickly using powerful tools. We get frustrated when it comes back, anxious that what we do doesn’t work, and still get obsessed with it and forget everything else.

We can try on and on, trying all different modalities and ways to get rid of the blocks, and the same fear, the same anger is still hanging there, attached to our soul and refuses to go. These are usually the most important ones to be released. They are there to teach us something, and if we don’t learn from them, trust me they are not going nowhere, no matter what we do… 

These blocks have been instilled in our energetic field deeply enough to make it a pain to get rid of. They need a lot of work. They need to be looked at straight in the face and be gentle, aware and persistent until they really go away.

These blocks need to be addressed a little everyday, without any stress to achieve the so wanted “release and let go” state. Like losing weight little by little. So slowly that it may go unnoticed in the beginning. This process will make you more aware, stronger and inspired. It will teach you patience and self love. There are so many things to be learned in this kind of “release and let go” process.

Coming back to our lovely, tangy and a little quirky Grapefruit essential oil and intense releasing rituals and meditations, the worst thing you can do to yourself is to trying to speed up the process. However, what will really happen is that you will create a burst of emotions, which you may not be able to control and understand. You will not be giving yourself the time to assess to process and understand the real reason behind the blocks that have been confining you for so long- and they will probably come back. 

Keep an eye on this space! Next week we will look deeper into the comforting and safe space we need for those difficult “release and let go” situations. Sweet Marjoram is the expert on this! 

Grapefruit, Sweet Marjoram and Lemon Balm

May 2019

Release the blocks of abundance in a comforting way.

There is something that is blocking your full potential. You seem to be doing quite well at work and your business but there is something that stops you from flying high… It could be a programming from this life or a past one, or due to fear of success, responsibility, or because you feel you aren’t good enough. There could be a million possible reasons why you can’t achieve your full potential.

Grapefruit, Sweet Marjoram and Lemon Balm are here to help you overcome this challenge and move forwards, ready to achieve everything you have truly wished for.

Grapefruit is blunt and to the point. Fresh yet sour and sharp in its scent, Grapefruit will deeply cleanse every corner of our soul. It confronts the ego and releases the shadows to the Universal energy. Its main job is to do the major clean ups the human spirit needs, and dispel all the negative energies. Its power should not be underestimated, it can create a Tower (Tarot) situation…Trust though that it is there to boost your self-esteem and instil positivity after the emotional and energetic clutter is cleared.

Sweet Marjoram pops off the bottle and the herby, sweet scent offers unconditional love, ready to protect whoever might need it. It has come in this reading to soothe the powerful cleansing effect of Grapefruit. Its warming and gentle action will comfort the challenging process, offering tender feelings and peace. As it works the root of worries, it will help us point out exactly where the abundance blocks are stemming from while at the same time it will offer comfort and support, helping us to digest heavy emotions and appreciate our relationship with abundance and money.

When this personal work starts settling inside, Lemon Balm makes sure we are ready to accept our abundance and luck, helping us to get emotional and mentally ready to receive prosperity. Melissa surrounds us with love and light, teaching gratitude for Mother Nature, and showing us how every part of this world is connected. The lemony, herby smooth aroma centres the Chakras and liberates the energy flow. Melissa will free you from the dark thoughts and fears that stop you from achieving a sense of abundance and live in prosperity.

Safety guidelines:

Grapefruit presents low risk of phototoxicity due to bergapten and other furanocoumarins. Do not to expose skin to sunlight or sunbed rays for 12 hours, after topical application. Be cautious as it oxidises easily, and may cause skin sensitisation.

Sweet Marjoram is a safe oil to use. Do not use Sweet Marjoram for prolonged time unless you are going through times of celibacy, as it suppresses the libido.

Lemon Balm is a very potent essential oil and should not be applied on hypersensitive, diseased or damaged skin and to children. Do not exceed dermal use of 0.9% dilution. Lemon Balm oil degrades quickly so it is advisable to buy small amounts.  Because of its high price, it is very common for Melissa to be adultered with cheaper oils or fragrances, so make sure you buy your essential oil from a reputable source.

Spirits of the Scent Oracle deck Ginger (Zingiber officinale)

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Ginger for grounding and protection from overwhelming emotions. Don’t worry, rainbows and sunshine always rise in the end.

Get centered and focus on the core of your body and soul to get through the day successfully.

No matter what happens be protected in your energy bubble and do not allow other people’s crap to affect you. No need to allow them to take them on.

On a more pragmatical note .. take an umbrella with you today. Make sure you stay dry! 🌧️🌧️🌈🌈

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The seven Chakras in brief



The lower chakras (Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus) are often neglected (yes, I have done it myself for years… I thought the lower chakras were not ‘cool’ enough to work with. I focused on the Third Eye for years, longing to remember what it feels to be spiritual…) Sooner or later I realised that we are all primarily spiritual beings that have come to this Earth and this life to learn how to be humans, to learn how to deal with all the challenges that come with humanity. Lacking the grounding strength and sense of empowerment that is offered by the lower chakras, I only got confused, could not connect with people easily, felt weak and could not handle or understand the information given to me through my meditations. It was as frustrating as trying to run before being able to walk. Observe martial arts, like Kung Fu and Capoeira, and realise that the only reason they can all do what they do is because they are grounded. If their feet, legs and core were not strong, they would never be able to fly with all those acrobatics. Balanced and empowered lower chakras are vital to have a fulfilling life, to be able to accomplish our goals and relate with the rest of humanity.

The Heart is the middle chakra sitting at the height of our Heart at the centre of our sternum. It represents Love: love for ourselves, love for others, love for the humanity, the Earth, the animals, life itself. The balanced Heart will transform the raw, earthy qualities of the three lower chakras to loving strength, generous gratefulness, balancing confidence with humbleness. Without the Heart being open and fully resonating, we would only be selfish, greedy and not being able to understand and connect with our fellow humans. The Heart brings the first layer of spirituality to our earthy experience. Because it is Love that makes everything better in life.

Finally, the three upper chakras (Throat, Third Eye and Crown) are to connect our loving human existence with the Universe (or any name you feel comfortably using for the Force that stands within and behind us all). They allow us to express our true being, dive deep in our intuition, to see the true reason for everything that happens around and within us, so we can open up to the mysteries of the Universe and its energy. When our main seven chakras are balanced and in full work, the rest will follow and then we will be able to open the gate to the higher vibration chakras (these are found at our energy field the most known ones are The Earth Star, The Stellar Gateway and the Soul Star, but there are quite a few more) that offer a deeper connection with the divine and our spiritual self. However, keep in mind that maintaining energetic health needs regular work. As our physical body needs nutrients, exercise and rest on a daily basis to be able to maintain health, our energetic body needs regular attention and acknowledgement so it will keep on working in full function for our highest benefit.

Meditation, yoga, daily activities, appropriate nutrition, essential oils, crystals can help us have a balanced chakra system, to lead a balanced life.

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