Looking deeper into the concept of releasing blocks for abundance 2/3

with Grapefruit (Citrus x paradisi), Sweet marjoram (Origanum majorana) and Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis).

Hi my lovely people!

Last week we discussed the first card of the monthly reading. Grapefruit signifies a very powerful releasing process, which is better to be done in a safe and comforting space. Here is where Sweet Marjoram comes in! Before though we get deeper into the Sweet Marjoram vibes, lets talk a little bit about the importance of processing emotional release in a safe space. 

Releasing can be a very hard process. It can manifest in physical ailments, emotional hurts, as it surfaces the fear that has been hiding for all this time along with all the emotions that stem from it like anger, jealousy and so on. This is not something that we have to go through on our own, or be embarrassed by the uncomfortable feelings that come up.

Releasing in a safe space to me means that we are going through this process with help of some kind. Have with you a friend or a member of your family to whom you can confine all the troubled thoughts that are coming up, share your experiences over a cup of tea, have a laugh if possible so you alleviate the heavy energy of such a process. However, you might be in a position you have no one to share with. Then you can turn to your guides, your angels and any divine entity you believe in and gives you comfort.

Taken from: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:

The main point is to make sure you ask for help. Asking for help and turning to someone with more experience than us does not make you weaker. It only makes you stronger because you are being given a head start. Don’t ignore it, it is there for you to take it. 

Also, releasing in a safe space means that we have to physically be somewhere where we feel safe and comfortable. Do not start for example a releasing process during travelling, or when you are moving house. When you do decide to start this process, ask your guides and angels to secure your environment. Make it look beautiful and cosy, so it can give inspiration and love during this challenge. When you have to out and mingle with other people carry with you your kindest gentlest crystals, like a simple rose quartz. Make sure you feel good in yourself and that you are wearing your favourite most cozy outfits.

Sweet Marjoram is one of the kindest, gentlest and most comforting essential oils. Yet, it is powerful enough to contradict the powerful and most times overwhelming effects of Grapefruit, offering unconditional love and protection. It will never judge you and will comfort pains of emotional, physical and mental nature. Sweet Marjoram can soothe hardened up feelings, and free us from overthinking and the big trap of self-victimisation. Sweet Marjoram is the oil to instil that necessary safe space for the releasing process, as it helps the subtle energies flow freely and bring our hidden strengths in the surface. 

Keep an eye on this space! Next week we will look deeper into the concepts of abundance that come with Lemon Balm! 

Safety guidelines:

Sweet Marjoram is a safe oil to use. 

Note: Do not use Sweet Marjoram for prolonged time unless you are going through times of celibacy, as it suppressesthe libido


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