Grapefruit, Sweet Marjoram and Lemon Balm

May 2019

Release the blocks of abundance in a comforting way.

There is something that is blocking your full potential. You seem to be doing quite well at work and your business but there is something that stops you from flying high… It could be a programming from this life or a past one, or due to fear of success, responsibility, or because you feel you aren’t good enough. There could be a million possible reasons why you can’t achieve your full potential.

Grapefruit, Sweet Marjoram and Lemon Balm are here to help you overcome this challenge and move forwards, ready to achieve everything you have truly wished for.

Grapefruit is blunt and to the point. Fresh yet sour and sharp in its scent, Grapefruit will deeply cleanse every corner of our soul. It confronts the ego and releases the shadows to the Universal energy. Its main job is to do the major clean ups the human spirit needs, and dispel all the negative energies. Its power should not be underestimated, it can create a Tower (Tarot) situation…Trust though that it is there to boost your self-esteem and instil positivity after the emotional and energetic clutter is cleared.

Sweet Marjoram pops off the bottle and the herby, sweet scent offers unconditional love, ready to protect whoever might need it. It has come in this reading to soothe the powerful cleansing effect of Grapefruit. Its warming and gentle action will comfort the challenging process, offering tender feelings and peace. As it works the root of worries, it will help us point out exactly where the abundance blocks are stemming from while at the same time it will offer comfort and support, helping us to digest heavy emotions and appreciate our relationship with abundance and money.

When this personal work starts settling inside, Lemon Balm makes sure we are ready to accept our abundance and luck, helping us to get emotional and mentally ready to receive prosperity. Melissa surrounds us with love and light, teaching gratitude for Mother Nature, and showing us how every part of this world is connected. The lemony, herby smooth aroma centres the Chakras and liberates the energy flow. Melissa will free you from the dark thoughts and fears that stop you from achieving a sense of abundance and live in prosperity.

Safety guidelines:

Grapefruit presents low risk of phototoxicity due to bergapten and other furanocoumarins. Do not to expose skin to sunlight or sunbed rays for 12 hours, after topical application. Be cautious as it oxidises easily, and may cause skin sensitisation.

Sweet Marjoram is a safe oil to use. Do not use Sweet Marjoram for prolonged time unless you are going through times of celibacy, as it suppresses the libido.

Lemon Balm is a very potent essential oil and should not be applied on hypersensitive, diseased or damaged skin and to children. Do not exceed dermal use of 0.9% dilution. Lemon Balm oil degrades quickly so it is advisable to buy small amounts.  Because of its high price, it is very common for Melissa to be adultered with cheaper oils or fragrances, so make sure you buy your essential oil from a reputable source.

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