The seven Chakras in brief



The lower chakras (Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus) are often neglected (yes, I have done it myself for years… I thought the lower chakras were not ‘cool’ enough to work with. I focused on the Third Eye for years, longing to remember what it feels to be spiritual…) Sooner or later I realised that we are all primarily spiritual beings that have come to this Earth and this life to learn how to be humans, to learn how to deal with all the challenges that come with humanity. Lacking the grounding strength and sense of empowerment that is offered by the lower chakras, I only got confused, could not connect with people easily, felt weak and could not handle or understand the information given to me through my meditations. It was as frustrating as trying to run before being able to walk. Observe martial arts, like Kung Fu and Capoeira, and realise that the only reason they can all do what they do is because they are grounded. If their feet, legs and core were not strong, they would never be able to fly with all those acrobatics. Balanced and empowered lower chakras are vital to have a fulfilling life, to be able to accomplish our goals and relate with the rest of humanity.

The Heart is the middle chakra sitting at the height of our Heart at the centre of our sternum. It represents Love: love for ourselves, love for others, love for the humanity, the Earth, the animals, life itself. The balanced Heart will transform the raw, earthy qualities of the three lower chakras to loving strength, generous gratefulness, balancing confidence with humbleness. Without the Heart being open and fully resonating, we would only be selfish, greedy and not being able to understand and connect with our fellow humans. The Heart brings the first layer of spirituality to our earthy experience. Because it is Love that makes everything better in life.

Finally, the three upper chakras (Throat, Third Eye and Crown) are to connect our loving human existence with the Universe (or any name you feel comfortably using for the Force that stands within and behind us all). They allow us to express our true being, dive deep in our intuition, to see the true reason for everything that happens around and within us, so we can open up to the mysteries of the Universe and its energy. When our main seven chakras are balanced and in full work, the rest will follow and then we will be able to open the gate to the higher vibration chakras (these are found at our energy field the most known ones are The Earth Star, The Stellar Gateway and the Soul Star, but there are quite a few more) that offer a deeper connection with the divine and our spiritual self. However, keep in mind that maintaining energetic health needs regular work. As our physical body needs nutrients, exercise and rest on a daily basis to be able to maintain health, our energetic body needs regular attention and acknowledgement so it will keep on working in full function for our highest benefit.

Meditation, yoga, daily activities, appropriate nutrition, essential oils, crystals can help us have a balanced chakra system, to lead a balanced life.

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