Orange: Sacral or Svatisthana Chakra. Water, Creativity

Orange from Rainbow Meditations

Just above the Root Chakra, in the shape of a six petal lotus, our Sacral chakra sits at our naval and pelvic bone, where our flow of life resides. The Sacral Chakra comes to give emotional balance to the strength of the Root Chakra. Kyle Gray in his book Raising your vibration notes:“If the sacral chakra were in nature, it would be the water replenishing the soil and allowing the seeds to germinate and grow.” Highly connected with the element of Water Sacral is all about the flow- the flow of emotions, relationships, actions. How we deal with the everyday chores and challenges. Do we panic? Or we allow the situations to unfold and we go with it? If there is something we don’t enjoy doing but it needs to be done, how do we react? Do we moan, complain, get angry? Or we just get on with it knowing that at some point it will all end and we can go on with more fulfilling activities? The Sacral Chakra is also highly associated with our reproductive organs; it is where our primal instincts turn to passion. As the energy of empowerment rises from the Root Chakra if it arrives at a healthy open Sacral Chakra it turns to passion, creativity, dreams for the future. This is where sex, the most primal instinct of procreation, becomes fun, joyful and passionate. When the Sacral Chakra is open and balanced it brings flow of all lovely experiences, people and things in our life. Our relationships with people are easier, we become more tolerant and understanding of others. We don’t get hung up on little things and we let the grudges go.

Sacral Chakra is not only significant for the creation of new life, but also for all the creative ideas that make the world go round. Music, art, movies, poetry, as well as inventions, are part of a healthy Sacral Chakra. In our everyday life cooking, creating a beautiful garden, knitting a jumper, making a cardboard train with your children, building castles in the sand, DIY are all part of our creativity. The need to make something new from scratch is an undeniable part of humanity that has led our world to many nice things and many bad ones as well… but why that happens will be discussed later on.

Detail from Mandarin, drawn by Odette for the upcoming Spirits of the Scent Oracle Cards.


Our inner child also lives in our Sacral Chakra, holding the memory of our childhood, the fears and angers as well as the love and cuddles we received as children. These memories, these experiences are responsible for our traits and ways as adults. Do you carry unhealed emotions from the past? Have you made peace with your family? Do you carry grudges that haunt you until today? Have you allowed your negative experiences to teach you something, or you have accepted their imprint on your energetic field, weighting down your emotional self?

Pause for a moment and think how you treat your Sacral Chakra. Do you allow the flow to come in? Do you allow for money to come to you and go out? Are you overgenerous or too tight with material things? Do you supress your desires (sexual, emotional or material) or you have a tendency to excessiveness and obsession? How easy it is for you to express your emotions? Do you hold everything in or you easily get overwhelmed, going onto panicky, tearful state? Do you still carry negative childhood memories allowing them to stop loving yourself as much as you deserve? How do you connect with others, and how do you allow rewards to come to you? Are you open to receiving material and emotional rewards from others?

Close your eyes, sit comfortable and meditate. Listen to the Meditation Orange, as many times as you like, and really connect with your creation side. See the six petal lotus residing at your naval, sending whirling orange energy to fill your energy field. Look deep into yourself and with all honesty explore your Sacral Chakra patterns, and affirm to balance anything that is not fulfilling to your highest potential, yet maintain and strengthen all these parts that will help you learn and grow in the human life.



Red: Root or Muladhara Chakra. Earth, Grounding

Red from Rainbow Meditations

I believe that the reason we are here -in this life, on this Earth- as spiritual beings- is to learn how to cope with this crazy Earthy life. Every soul is on a different path, on a different journey, with their own story, but we all have a common thread. We are here to learn to live with Mother Earth and with everything that comes with it, in order to grow our understanding of feelings, challenges, weakness and strengths. That is why it is vital for our spiritual growth to achieve and maintain a balanced and healthy Base Chakra.

In the shape of a four petal lotus, our Base chakra sits at the bottom of our body, pointing towards the Earth. Its colour is red and I like to imagine it like a bright red wheel spinning clockwise, sending and taking energy from the Earth. This is the chakra that connects us with our most earthy side. It is responsible for grounding, standing strong on our own two feet, not allowing doubts and fears overcome us. The Root Chakra is responsible for our survival instincts and our ability to handle life challenges, as well as for our sexuality, sensuality, stability, and sense of safety. Kyle Grey writes in his book Raise Your Vibration: “If the Root chakra were in nature, it would be the soil in which seeds are planted”. Everything in this life starts from our Root chakra. Like a plant we are nothing without our roots. Cut the roots and life has ended. Maybe not as dramatic as such, but good quality of life will end if it is lived through fear, weakness, anger and violence. This Chakra is the one that feeds our survival instincts, and if it is not working fine, will make us feel fearful and weak, or if overactive we are surviving through imposing anger and violence to us and the people around us.As the Root Chakra is all about survival, we can detect its state on how we react on survival situations. How do we feel about our sensuality and sexuality? Are we open to embrace the beauty of ourselves and ready to share our deepest hidden sensual and sexual side with a partner? Maybe we hide it from the world, covering us up through our dress code, our body language and the way we talk. Or we may offer it to the world too much, overworking our very own foundation of existence. Have a look on how you react towards food and material things. Do you overeat and hoard? Or you get on with your day having a feeling that the basic needs are always provided so no need to stack up for a rainy day that may never come? Maybe you just give away your daily needs, give away your food, emotions, material things, energy, money, in such extent that in the end you are left with nothing.

Pause for a moment and think how you treat your Root Chakra. Do you respect and cherish your most primal side? The part responsible for recreation, continuation of our species, the one that brought our species from the caves to today? What is your approach to material things? Do you leave in fear of losing what you have, no matter how much you may or may not have? Are you hoarding or are you giving too much? How are your eating habits?

Close your eyes, sit comfortable and meditate. Listen to the Meditation Red, as many times as you like, and really connect with your basis of life. See the four petal lotus residing at the bottom of your spine, sending whirling red energy to and fro the middle of the Earth. Look deep into yourself and with all honesty explore your Root Chakra patterns, and affirm to balance anything that is not fulfilling to your highest potential, yet maintain and strengthen all these parts that will help you learn and grow in the human life.

The seven Chakras in brief 🌈

Rainbow meditation: 🌈

The lower chakras (Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus) are often neglected (yes, I have done it myself for years… I thought the lower chakras were not ‘cool’ enough to work with. I focused on the Third Eye for years, longing to remember what it feels to be spiritual…) Sooner or later I realised that we are all primarily spiritual beings that have come to this Earth and this life to learn how to be humans, to learn how to deal with all the challenges that come with humanity. Lacking the grounding strength and sense of empowerment that is offered by the lower chakras, I only got confused, could not connect with people easily, felt weak and could not handle or understand the information given to me through my meditations. It was as frustrating as trying to run before being able to walk. Observe martial arts, like Kung Fu and Capoeira, and realise that the only reason they can all do what they do is because they are grounded. If their feet, legs and core were not strong, they would never be able to fly with all those acrobatics. Balanced and empowered lower chakras are vital to have a fulfilling life, to be able to accomplish our goals and relate with the rest of humanity.

The Heart is the middle chakra sitting at the height of our Heart at the centre of our sternum. It represents Love: love for ourselves, love for others, love for the humanity, the Earth, the animals, life itself. The balanced Heart will transform the raw, earthy qualities of the three lower chakras to loving strength, generous gratefulness, balancing confidence with humbleness. Without the Heart being open and fully resonating, we would only be selfish, greedy and not being able to understand and connect with our fellow humans. The Heart brings the first layer of spirituality to our earthy experience. Because it is Love that makes everything better in life.

Finally, the three upper chakras (Throat, Third Eye and Crown) are to connect our loving human existence with the Universe (or any name you feel comfortably using for the Force that stands within and behind us all). They allow us to express our true being, dive deep in our intuition, to see the true reason for everything that happens around and within us, so we can open up to the mysteries of the Universe and its energy. When our main seven chakras are balanced and in full work, the rest will follow and then we will be able to open the gate to the higher vibration chakras (these are found at our energy field the most known ones are The Earth Star, The Stellar Gateway and the Soul Star, but there are quite a few more) that offer a deeper connection with the divine and our spiritual self. However, keep in mind that maintaining energetic health needs regular work. As our physical body needs nutrients, exercise and rest on a daily basis to be able to maintain health, our energetic body needs regular attention and acknowledgement so it will keep on working in full function for our highest benefit.

Meditation, yoga, daily activities, appropriate nutrition, essential oils, crystals can help us have a balanced chakra system, to lead a balanced life.

The full album of Rainbow meditations can be found on my YouTube Channel, Spotify as well as iTunes, under the search Ivette, Rainbow meditations.


Aromatherapy and Gua Sha for pain and stress relief

Aromatherapy and Gua Sha is not a very common combination. The two therapies are quite contrasting, as aromatherapy is known for its gentle and subtle approach whereas Gua Sha has a reputation of being a “rough” treatment. Gua Sha is an ancient remedy from East and Southeast Asia. Aromatherapy has roots all over the ancient world, but the use of essential oils medicinally was established in Europe. The term “Aromatherapie” was coined by the French chemist Jean-Maurice Gatefosse around the beginning of 20th century, when he realised the medicinal properties of essential oils. ¹

In my own experience through applying the two therapies on myself and others, I  have realised that together they create a complete therapy, fully complementing each other.

The technique of Gua Sha (Gua=to rub, Sha=describes the blood congestion that arises where there is pain and stiffness) is “a traditional East Asian medicine healing technique”² that was used to relieve from feverish conditions and injuries. Gua Sha is a form of deep tissue massage, performed with a special tools, usually from jade, ceramic, horn or metal, with which the therapist scrapes the skin to bring the stagnation of Qi, Blood and toxins to the surface of the body to be dissolved by the lymphatic and circulatory system. Gua Sha is excellent to break those stubborn knots and relieve from deeply rooted pains of the muscles and nerves. Nowadays, is very popular among athletes as it is used for injury and pain relief. It is very efficient for emotional and stress release as well-these shoulders always have some stagnation hidden due to the burdens of everyday life…

Aromatherapy massage (massage with the use of aromatic essential oils) on the other hand, is one of the gentlest forms of complementary therapies.  The therapist with gentle massage movements distributes the essential oils in the body through the skin, to enter the bloodstream through the capillaries, in order for their potent chemical constituents to start working on the troubled part(s) of the body. In conditions where the client needs just a little bit of relaxation or rejuvenation, aromatherapy massage on its own can work miracles. However, for a really painful shoulder, or a trapped nerve, a stiff neck or other chronic pain conditions, aromatherapy will take a series of treatments to show results. Combined with Gua Sha, these deep stubborn issues can be relieved within one treatment, and after two or three sessions, it is high likely that the pain will have subsidised significantly.

The treatment starts with an aromatherapy massage, using essential oils that are suitable for each client’s ailment and emotional need at the time of treatment. When the body is relaxed after the aromatic massage, Gua Sha takes turn. The therapist scrapes the skin over the stubborn knots and any other  sore body parts that were felt during the massage, looking for the appearance of Sha. The stagnation will surface the skin forming red marks (or sometimes blue or black… depending on how long the stagnation has been in the body) that usually last three to five days. This is where aromatherapy kicks in again. Using a blend of carrier and essential oils indicated for bruises, the Sha marks can be kept to a minimum and fade a little bit quicker than they would without the aromatherapy blend.

If you are interested to experience an Aromatherapy Gua Sha treatment email me through the contact us page or give me a call to book an appointment at the Kingston Natural Health Centre.

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