About the practice


Aromatherapy is the Holistic Therapy that uses Essential Oils to promote and maintain the well-being of the body, mind and spirit. Essential oils can help with various ailments and physical problems, as well as emotional discomforts and energetic blockages. They are extracted from the flowers, leaves, fruits, roots and wood of plants, including herbs, grasses, trees
and flowers. The aromatic molecules enter the nose through special smell nerves, to travel to our limbic system, regulating the nervous sytem and soothing the emotions. When applied topically, essential oils enter our body through the tiny blood vessels under the skin and go where needed to offer their healing properties. They are excellent support for the treatment of various skin conditions, digestive, respiratory and circulatory complaints, body pains and aches, as well as with problems of feminine nature.


Gua Sha is an ancient remedy from East Asia. It is performed by scraping the skin with special tools, made of Jade, horn, metal or ceramic. This procedure is an alternative to deep tissue and allows the stagnated Qi, Blood and toxins to come to the surface to be
cleared by the lymphatic and circulatory system. Gua Sha removes heat and stagnation out of the body, resulting to red marks that may last for a few days depending on how deep the issue is. Combined with Aromatherapy blends it is valuable support for a number of conditions, ranging from pain management to emotional release.

Aromatherapy Gua Sha Facial is an excellent treatment to offer to yourself or a friend, that can make you feel and look quite a few years younger! (no red marks on facial)


Reiki is energy healing, working on the Chakras and the auric field. These are an imprint of our physical, emotional and spiritual self. Everything we do, feel and think is carried there. When we are involved in negative situations, the auric field gets dull and heavy, making us feel the same way. The Chakras are wheels of energy responsible for renewing and maintaing our spiritual and emotional self  in health. When these are blocked, stagnated or overworking, they may manifest in emotional or physical ailments.


All treatments can be tailored to the individual needs of the client combining one or more therapies if needed.

Nature has an ocean of secrets.