Yellow: Solar Plexus or Manipura Chakra.  Fire, Will Power


Just above the Sacral Chakra, in the shape of a ten petal lotus, our Solar Plexus chakra sits in the centre of our diaphragm at the upper abdomen, where our will power resides. The Solar Plexus Chakra makes reality all the dreams of our Sacral Chakra. It puts in action all of our creative ideas and dreams for the future. Kyle Gray in his book Raising your vibration notes:“If it were in nature, it would be the sun that kisses the soil to give the warmth and tenderness needed for a seed to become a beautiful creation.” It is the Sun of our body’s Solar system.  When the Sun is too strong we get burned and suffer from a lot of pain and dehydration, when the sun is weak or non-existent we are cold, weak and vulnerable. But when the Sun is just right oh my! What a bliss!  What can be better than a lovely, just right warm summer/spring day! Life feels wonderful and positive, and everything is possible! This is how life turns to be when our Solar Plexus is balanced and clear.

Highly connected with the element of Fire, the Solar Plexus is all about our inner fire. Solar Plexus is responsible for our determination to pursue our goals. A balanced Solar Plexus helps us “to stick with it” until the desired outcome is reality, infusing us with personal power and acceptance of our true self.

Chamomile to calm the overblown ego. Detail from Spirits of the Scent Chamomile Oracle card. Artwork © Odette, 2018.

Do you give up easily? Do you start something and then bail when things get hard? Do you get a sense of the misleading need to be perfect, using it as an excuse to not follow through? Do you stand our ground and achieve your goals without manipulating and using others? Do you accept being doormats? Do you see your dreams and ideas to become reality, or you stay in the realm of fantasizing the perfect future?

I believe that our ego lives in our Solar Plexus. Ego is the human manifestation of spirit, what drives us in this life. It is the part that has come to this Earth to work on. When it is left untamed and it turns us to overpowering, aggressive beings, whereas when it is completely shut we become weak and lost and fearful. When the ego is trained and tamed, it can be one of the most useful parts of the self. It is the gut feeling that will let us know of danger, and will raise questions when our positive spiritual and unaware self tries to make everything look as rainbows and butterflies, even if the tornado is just a mile away… Or indeed see the tornados around every corner, constantly expecting the disaster to happen. Unbalanced Solar Plexus stores negativity we absorb from other people and situations. Balancing our Solar Plexus and hence our ego, will lead to good instincts, and will wipe the tendency for denial or extreme fear. We will then be fully centred.

Rosemary to boost the will power and the ability to persevere. Detail from Spirits of the Scent, Rosemary Oracle card. Artwork © Odette, 2018.

As the energy of empowerment rises from the Root and Sacral Chakra, when it arrives at a healthy open Solar Plexus Chakra it turns our passion, creativity, dreams for the future into reality. The “could bes”, “maybe-one-day” and the “ifs” become HERE and NOW. This is where our ability to organise, plan and manifest resides. When the Solar Plexus Chakra is open and balanced, we become positive and confident, we don’t accept any crap from others, but without tension and arguments. We manifest with ease, in harmony with our environment and the people surrounding us.

The stereotype of a balanced Solar Plexus is the successful business person, who runs an ethical company, who respects the people who work for them, from top to bottom, pays them well, but would never allow anyone to take advantage of their kindness and generosity. This person can listen and understand the troubles of the people working for them, but will always have clear boundaries, to protect themselves and their business. Is what the the famous Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan calls “calm and assertive state of mind.”

An overblown Solar Plexus leads to excessive arrogance, “power trip” behaviour and inability to accept a fault or a mistake. It is the stereotype of the successful corporate type, who with no hesitation steps all over their colleagues in order to climb the ladder and create a success based on abuse of their power… Whereas the weak Solar Plexus type is the one that everyone takes advantage, they can never get the promotion they deserve and always being pushed over by their colleagues.

When you are truly assertive, you do not need to take advantage of other people as you understand that you have everything you need to move forward. You know deep into your soul that the Universe provides everything you need to achieve your soul journey. A weak Solar Plexus makes us a doormat, where we do everything for others, we allow people to overstep in our private space, physical and emotional, we cannot say no, and we live our life being kicked around, in order to fulfil other peoples wishes. We may have no idea what we want to do or where we are going, and we feel lost in life.

Pause for a moment and think how you treat your Solar Plexus Chakra. How do you use your personal power, do you abuse it or you are not sure what than even means? Are you a perfectionist, or sloppy and unorganised? Do you follow through or you tend to give up half way through? How much do you allow people to interfere with your life, and how much do you listen to your closest people’s advice?

Close your eyes, sit comfortable and meditate. Listen to the Meditation Yellow, as many times as you like, and really connect with your creation side. See the ten petal lotus residing at the centre of your abdomen, sending whirling yellow energy to fill your energy field. Look deep into yourself and with all honesty explore your Solar Plexus Chakra patterns, and affirm to balance anything that is not fulfilling to your highest potential, yet maintain and strengthen all these parts that will help you learn and grow in the human life.

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